Writing Foundations

The goal of the Writing Foundations courses – English 1100 and 2201 – is to provide ECU students with strategies that will help them succeed in the writing that they do in future courses and contexts. While research has shown that no one course, nor even two courses, can possibly teach everything a person will need to know to be a successful writer in every situation, English 1100 and 2201 aim to teach strategies that students can take with them and apply to other contexts, skills such as:

  • identifying and responding to the purpose(s) and audience(s) for a writing project
  • generating appropriate question, topics, and ideas to write about
  • drafting, revising, and editing, and using outside sources responsibly and effectively

This site contains information for instructors, advisors, and students of English 1100 and 2201. To find out more about the Writing Foundations courses or to locate additional resources for writers, please follow the appropriate links at the top.