Spring WAC Academy 2023

Congratulations to the following faculty who participated in the spring 2023 WAC Academy!

  • Courtney Baker from Psychology 
  • Aleia Brown from History 
  • Abby Croom from Clinical Lab Sciences  
  • Desiree Dighton from English 
  • Mary Care Komoski from Human Development & Family Science 
  • Iskra Myers from Nephrology 
  • Tianjiao Zhao from Construction Management

This year’s writing across the curriculum (WAC) Academy explored questions at the heart of WAC, including 

  • What is good writing?  
  • What is effective writing instruction?  
  • And who says so?

In addition to the WAC Academy’s core curriculum (including topics like writing to learn, reflective writing, and grammar rants), these teacher-writers explored Linguistic Justice across the curriculum and considered the pros and cons of the impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on writing instruction.  

The WAC Academy Final Project asks faculty to determine what resources and strategies they wanted to add to their teacher-writer toolboxes, persuade students of the importance of writing, and reflect on their writing process. This project prompts faculty to consider how they will adapt and apply tools from the academy for their own writing and teaching practices. Participants proposed changes like revising writing assignments, developing rhetorical language, utilizing a writing apprehension test, and integrating metacognitive writing activities. In addition to these modifications, each participant develops a Why Write? Statements for their writing-intensive course syllabus that attempts to convince students of the importance of writing in their class and discipline. The final part of this project was a 1-page Writer’s Memo that asks them to reflect on their writing process for completing this final project.