Writing Across the Curriculum shares their newest workshop: Responding to Graduate Student Writers


Writing Across the Curriculum presents our newest workshop: Responding to Graduate Student Writers

While feedback is crucial for effective writing, responding in a way that writers can learn from and improve with can be challenging, especially in the context of mentoring. More than the general principles we share or the pedagogical approach we take, it is what we value in student writing, how we communicate those values, and what we say about texts that carry the most weight.

This workshop will explore questions that include

  • How can we best situate feedback within the context of a discipline?
  • What can we learn about responding to grad student writers from writing studies research?
  • How can I best navigate the expert-novice dynamic to improve communication?
  • What are effective ways to prioritize and organize feedback?

Participants leave with strategies and resources including 11 ways to respond, 6 technologies for response along with A Graduate Writer Toolkit including tools, strategies, and activities for mentors and mentees.

Watch the workshop video here, or read the powerpoint here.