About Us

The University Writing Center (UWC) is a free resource that supports writers throughout their careers at ECU. Students, faculty, and staff members can meet one-on-one with experienced consultants to talk about their writing, whether they’re brainstorming ideas, drafting their papers, or polishing their final products. The UWC also assists with writing from all disciplines.

The UWC’s vision is to create “individualized learning experiences and cultivate an inclusive writer community across all of our campuses.” To help meet this vision, each session is tailored to the individual writer’s unique needs. While the UWC doesn’t simply edit papers, the UWC does give writers the tools that they need to be successful, coaching them through the writing process.

There are three kinds of appointments available for sign-up at ecu.mywconline.com. All appointments are approximately forty-five minutes.

  • In-person appointments are located on the bottom floor of Joyner Library.
  • Video chat appointments take place in real-time. If writers sign up for video chat, they can access the chat room by reopening their appointment time in WCOnline.
  • Etutoring/file upload appointments are asynchronous. Writers don’t have to be online during etutoring appointments; they’ll receive feedback by email afterwards. If signing up for etutoring, please fill out the appointment sign-up form as thoroughly as possible.

During an appointment, writers will work with a consultant to identify their goals. They will then read over their work together, discussing areas that are developed well, areas that can be developed further, and strategies for revision.

Not only is the UWC committed to supporting students in their writing, but the UWC is also committed to promoting the total wellbeing of students. Read more about the UWC’s mission and eight commitments here, as well as our consultant happenings. The UWC supports community members with preparing their job application materials through the Community Writing Center.

In AY 2022-2023, the University Writing Center…

Conducted 4,336 individual writing center sessions
Utilized 84% of available sessions during AY 22-23
Conducted 28 outreach events reaching 768 writers