Faculty Resources

The University Writing Center has a variety of resources for students that may be useful to utilize while teaching your WI courses at ECU.

Our Workshops  provide three Canvas modules that can be imported into your courses:

Introduction to the UWC: a module that faculty and staff can upload into their Canvas courses.  It includes two parts: resources for instructors and an overview of our services for students. Click here for additional instructions on importing this resource into your courses, or if you are logged into Canvas, you may import it with this link.   

Writing a Literature Review: a module that introduces writers to the process of identifying a topic, gathering research, organizing research, creating a literature matrix, and drafting a literature review. If you are already logged into Canvas, you may import it with this link. 

Writing as a Process: This module introduces writers to the six-steps of the writing process: brainstorming, research, outlining, revising, and editing/proofreading. If you are logged into Canvas, you may import this module using this link. 

Our Classroom Workshops Form is available for future workshop requests. Please note, this form must be completed at least two weeks in advanced of your preferred date. Use the Introduction to the UWC Canvas Module to share our services with your classes.

We also provide long-form resources for your students on multiple topics you may touch on in class, including citation systems, evaluating research, writing literature reviews, and more.


Useful links and PDFs to share with your class:

Looking for additional resources? Get in touch using our Contact Us form.