Community Writing Center

Thank-you for your interest in the Community Writing Center (CWC). Staffed by graduate and undergraduate consultants, the CWC is an outreach program of the University Writing Center at East Carolina University. Building off ECU’s mission of regional transformation and motto Servire, the CWC’s mission is to provide writing services to the Eastern North Carolina Region as well as Pirate Alumni.

If you are creating or updating a resume or cover letter, or perhaps  have college application materials, and want feedback, email us your document. We will have a consultant provide feedback and email it back to you.

How do I access the CWC?

The Community Writing Center is operating online for the foreseeable future. To request writing support, email your documents to   

What kinds of writing does the CWC support?

This summer we are focusing on resumes, cover letters, and college application materials (including statement of purpose, admission essay, and scholarships). We hope to add additional writing types in the future, but are narrowing our focus for right now. 

What should I send in?

If you are applying for a specific job position, send us the job description in addition to your cover letter/resume. This way we can provide the most meaningful feedback. If you have a specific application prompt for a college statement of purpose or application essay, send that to us as well when you share your draft. We can use the guidelines to help shape our feedback to you. 

When will I receive feedback?

We will try to respond within 3 business days, but it’ll all depend on how much demand there is for the services. 

What kind of feedback will I receive? 

Consultants will use the comment feature of MS Word to add suggestions to your writing. They might ask questions for clarification, suggest different wording, or identify some sentence-level patterns. You’ll also receive an email with revision suggestions. 

Can I do an in-person session? 

While ECU is open and campus is still operating, we are all working remotely. There are no in-person sessions at this time. We will reevaluate once ECU opens back up to students. 

Can I send other kinds of writing?

Right now we are focusing on only resumes, cover letters, and college application materials (statements of purpose, admission essays, and scholarships). 

I have questions. How can I get in contact with someone?

If you call and no one answers the phone, please leave a voicemail. We have access to our voicemail off-campus. Someone will call you back. You can also email us at All of our staff (consultants and admin) will be checking this account so you should get a quick response during our open hours.