Become a Consultant

The UWC is currently hiring! Are you a future consultant? Apply here before 3/3/24.


If you are a naturally curious person and like learning from and with people across campus, consider becoming a writing consultant! We welcome applicants from all academic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. All we require is a willingness to learn and that you have successfully completed ENGL 1100.

A position at the University Writing Center (UWC) offers you the opportunity to:

  • Work with and learn from writers across disciplines;
  • Strengthen your own writing and research skills; and,
  • Present at conferences and publish in the field of writing centers.

Writing Consultants work with ECU students, faculty, and staff to support writers with any type of writing at any point in the writing process through consultation, classroom visits, and workshops.

In addition to working with writers, consultants answer the phone, schedule appointments, greet and direct visitors, and work on professional development projects. Projects include efforts to better their understanding of writing and the writing process and tasks that expand and support the work of the UWC.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

Giving feedback to students, teachers, and staff on any type of writing at any point in the writing process via one-on-one writing consultations.

  • Promoting the UWC via classroom visits
  • Facilitating writing workshops
  • Keeping a UWC shift journal
  • Attending weekly staff meetings held Thursdays from 5-6 pm.
  • Attending a pre-semester orientation
  • Other duties and professional development as assigned


UWC Consultants work collectively to create an inclusive writing community at ECU. To help us meet this vision, consultants embody the UWC (W)rites which reflects our shared values and job expectations. The UWC (W)rites and vision statement were drafted by consultants in Summer 2019. 


Our UWC Vision

To create individualized learning experiences for each writer and cultivate an inclusive writer community across all of our campuses.

Explore the UWC Mission here. 

Our consultants are firm advocates of linguistic justice. Learn more about our efforts to improve linguistic justice for all populations across campus here.


The UWC (W)rites

Consent Basics  

I ask if it’s okay before I act.

I listen for a yes before I proceed.

I speak up to make sure others have the option to consent too.

I am present and involved in sessions or writing center work.

I reserve the right to say no.

Accessibility Basics

I am aware of my surroundings and available to help those in the space.

I assist writers to make appointments, understand the appointment process, and navigate appointment misunderstandings.

I genuinely approach each person in the space.

I am reliable and punctual.

Active Engagement Basics 

I will be a good representative of the UWC.

I offer reliable, unconditional support for my coworkers.

I complete Professional Development on time.

I communicate with the admin team and coworkers.

Integrity Basics

I am honest and transparent with writers and coworkers.

I respect others and treat others how I would like to be treated.

I practice interdependence.

I practice professionalism.

Empowerment Basics 

I provide meaningful help to writers.

I acknowledge the writers input as we determine the focus of the session.

I empower writers during sessions.

I support and encourage writers and my coworkers.


If you are interested in becoming a future consultant, please fill out the form here.