Faculty Editing Consultant

Faculty Writing Support: Editing and Manuscript Preparation

Spring 2024


Get to Know your Consultant

The University Writing Program is proud to present our curent Faculty Editing Consultant, Leslye Pearson, who will be working with ECU faculty on research-based publications and grant initiatives. Leslye touts a B.A. (cum laude) in English Literature from N.Y.U. and a Graduate Diploma in Management/Marketing from McGill University in Montréal, QC, where she lived and worked as a dual-citizen before moving to Wilmington, NC, in 2016. She is married to a retired psychologist, is the mom to two teenagers and a stepdaughter in Montréal, and has two sweet, but highly neurotic Velcro dogs!

Leslye describes herself as a “Jill of all Trades” kind of writer. She has had several types of documents published, ranging from organizational technical manuals to marketing collateral to human interest stories and website blogs.

While in Montréal, Leslye had the opportunity to work on a large-scale writing project for the Québec government titled, Report on January 1998 Ice Storm. Working in tandem with a fellow writer, she collaborated with a multi-national committee of electrical and civil engineers in writing, editing, and proofreading this more than 200-page report, which was published in English and distributed throughout the province.

Additionally, for eight months between 2021 and 2022, Leslye worked as a remote English Editor of open access scientific publications for an international publishing house called MDPI. While there, she edited more than 250 published scholarly articles, whose subject matters encompassed applied science, horticulture, engineering, chemistry, business, and more.


How It Works

The best work starts from a clear understanding between editor and writer about intentions and goals. As such, Leslye will meet with you for an initial consultation (typically 15-30 minutes) in order to learn about the current project and the parameters set by the agency/publication. This time will be spent familiarizing Leslye with your project, as well as your project needs and objectives. This can be a great time to share with Leslye what previous editor/reviewers have said about your writing style or the types of typos/errors your typically make so that she can be on the lookout for those in particular. From there, you will share your finished draft with Leslye by email, and she will provide a timeline for feedback based on the length of the project at that time.

Due to high demand and limited resources, this service will focus exclusively on short-form scholarly manuscripts (e.g., articles, book chapters, proceedings, grant applications, etc. that are under 50 manuscript pages). Faculty and staff who have book-length projects that need editing should contact Dr. Will Banks, Director of the University Writing Program, to explore other opportunities. Likewise, this service is not for pedagogical materials and textbooks at this time; faculty who need assistance with editing their course materials should pursue other for-pay editing services in our area, and Dr. Banks keeps a list of local editors that you can request.


To schedule an editing consultation, use the link below to connect to our Microsoft Outlook Bookings application.

UWP Editing Logo Once you fill out the form and choose a date and time, you’ll receive a email confirmation of your appointment and Reminders the day before and two hours before your appointment. If you need to contact Leslye directly with questions about your appointment, or to ask more general questions about our editing services, please use her ECU email address: pearsonl20@students.ecu.edu.

Book Here: https://bit.ly/UWPedit

Spring 2024 Booking Times
Monday & Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Other times may be available by request


Need Help?

If a one-to-one conversation with our accomplished staff would help you with teaching your WI course, book a virtual appointment with Dr. Kerri Flinchbaugh, Assistant Director of the University Writing Program.