Faculty Teaching Resources

In addition to the many workshops and other professional development activities the UWP offers, we provide a robust set of resources that faculty can use to support their teaching. Please take advantage of these print and digital resources for supplementing your syllabus or assignments, or to provide extra learning opportunities for students.

Online Workshops

Our individual workshops are offered in Canvas and do not require synchronous engagement. Individuals with ECU login credentials can sign in at any time to complete the modules in each workshop and may take as long as they need to complete the materials. Once completed, faculty can return to the workshop at any time to refresh their memory or to retrieve resources to use in the courses. Click on the workshops below to learn more about each and to self-register.

Book Groups

The University Writing Program looks to enrich faculty and their approach to teaching through a variety of current book topics that we read, explore, and discuss together. Our book focus changes each semester, looking to provide current and refreshing perspectives to faculty to apply to their classrooms.

Canvas Courses

We provide in-depth, self-paced individual learning modules in our canvas courses meant to introduce new faculty to Writing Across the Curriculum at ECU and teaching WAC online.

University Writing Outcomes

All Writing Intensive courses at ECU are expected to support students in meeting the five ECU Writing Outcomes. These outcomes were developed by a committee of 35 faculty, staff, students, and community members in 2013 as part of our campus’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for institutional accreditation. The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee and the Faculty Senate then adopted them across the disciplines for all WI courses. This link provides information on the outcomes and how you might design your WI course to help students engage these outcomes.

University Writing Portfolio

Undergraduate students in writing-intensive courses are required to submit at least one finished written project in their University Writing Portfolios. Faculty should include a statement in their WI course syllabi that includes information on the University Writing Portfolio, as well as links to instructions to help students complete this requirement. Samples of these syllabus statements, as well as faculty and student instructions, and suggested “best practices” can be found in the link above.

Class Visits

Would you like us to come to your class to help teach your students about a key writing issue? Perhaps we could help you facilitate a session on peer review, or lead a workshop on MLA/APA/Chicago style? The staff of the University Writing Center would be happy to visit your class to facilitate a conversation about writing or just to provide a general introduction to the center. We’ve found that students are much more likely to visit the UWC after we visit! For more information about the services we offer or to schedule a visit, fill out a request form in the link above and we’ll be in touch with you to make arrangements!

Faculty Resources

If you’re looking for materials to help you teach your WI courses, then our Faculty Resources page offers an abundance of ideas, activities, and student-directed handouts to assist you. Whether you’re new to teaching WI or just looking for some resources to help you fix some of the problems you’ve been having in your WI course, our Faculty Resources page is sure to have just what you need. Clicking on the above link will take you to our resources website, where you can search by keyword for the perfect teaching tool or just use the discipline- and project-based tabs to explore what the UWP can offer you and your students.

Student Resources

In addition to resources specifically focused on faculty and teaching, the UWP also provides a host of materials for students. Our Student Resources page provides undergraduate and graduate students with access to a wealth of handouts, videos, podcasts, and presentations on topics about their writing. You will find materials to assist students throughout the writing process, including resources on finding reliable sources, collaborating on group writing assignments, the writing process, formatting, citation guides, and much more. This site is searchable, so you may want to explore the site a bit and identify key resources for students in your classes. Feel free to include links in your syllabus or assignment sheets to the sources you find so your students have the materials they need to do their best work!